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​​​​​learning at St Catherine's

We educate girls like yours who will shape our future world. 

Our teachers embrace the latest educational research balancing clear instruction with engagement. They help each girl to learn in the way that is right for her, giving her the academic rigour she needs and the tools she can use to flourish at school. When she leaves, we want her to be well educated, well rounded and well balanced – ready for further study, ready for life.

Twin pillars

Academic Challenge

The foundation of learning at St Catherine’s is what we call Academic Challenge. We offer a broad, differentiated curriculum with a focus on meeting individual student needs, plus other forms of enrichment, extension and the opportunity for acceleration. 

Our teachers really get to know the students to gain a deep understanding of their talents and interests as well as areas that may need some work. We will help your daughter develop a resilient mindset and show her how to apply it to her learning. 

Academic Challenge is part of a learning philosophy that will help your daughter to become accomplished. She can then approach her final years at school with the confidence she will need to enter university and the career to which she aspires.

Academic Care 

Our Academic Care program, founded on the principles of positive psychology, is designed to develop girls' wellbeing and help them flourish. 

The philosophy is based on evidence based positive psychology, the VIA character strengths​ and the school values of integrity, resilience, respect, relationships, and service.

We help develop girls' wellbeing by building

  • Positive emotions
  • A resilient mindset
  • Academic tenacity
  • Strong relationships

Just like your daughter, her teachers will be well supported, highly trained and always refining their skills in the classroom. They are taught the same positive mindset we teach the girls because when we’re all on the same page, the pathway to learning is so much clearer.



 Embrace life with Kayla

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 The girls school edge

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