Celebrating 2018, Celebrating 2018Celebrating 2018<p>​A snapshot of life in our senior school. So much happened in 2018 and we love to <a href="" target="_blank">celebrate the ach​ievements</a> of our students! </p>, Celebrating 2018
Prospectus, St Catherine's School prospectusProspectus<p>​Love School, Embrace Life, Enrich the World. <a href="" target="_blank">Read our prospectus.​</a></p>, St Catherine's School prospectus
Strategic Plan Summary, Strategic Plan SummaryStrategic Plan Summary<p>Our <a href="" target="_blank">Strategic Plan</a>​ summarises our major goals for 2017-2021</p>, Strategic Plan Summary
Issue 1 of the Bulletin, 1 of the Bulletin<p>The <a href="">Bulletin</a> is a biannual publication featuring news, articles and videos from the whole school community including our teachers, the Parents and Friends Association, The Foundation and the Old Girls' Union.        </p>,
NESA Annual Report, St Catherines NESA Annual Report 2018NESA Annual Report<p>​The NESA Annual Report details policies and procedures from key stakeholders at the school.</p>, St Catherines NESA Annual Report 2018