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St Catherine's Multi-Purpose Complex (RPAC)

The Research Centre will be a welcoming place where students can collaborate and learn, with advanced technology designed to respond to an ever-changing and emerging technological world.
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St Catherine's Multi-Purpose Complex (RPAC)

The Aquatic Centre will comprise a 12 lane 25m x 30m pool and a learn to swim pool to support the PDHPE curriculum and extra-curricular aquatic programs.
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St Catherine's Multi-Purpose Complex (RPAC)

This Architect's visualisation shows the new complex as it would be seen from Macpherson Street.
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St Catherine's Multi-Purpose Complex (RPAC)

The Performing Arts Auditorium will provide a facility that integrates the operational mechanics of a modern day theatre with a world class performance venue.
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St Catherine's Multi-Purpose Complex (RPAC)

Our key objective for the immediate future is the building of an integrated complex comprising aquatics, performing arts and research centres as well as space for other multi-purpose functions.



 We are now close to the construction phase of the RPAC, the acronym for our new integrated Research Centre, Performing Arts Centre, Aquatic Centre and Multi-Purpose Hall.

The RPAC has been a long time in the planning. Our first strategic plan in 2012 identified the need for a new pool and new performing arts centre. It also raised our awareness of the need for a dedicated research centre and a large, general purpose space. Since that time we have been planning carefully for the building that will soon be a reality. We are due to begin construction mid-year and anticipate that the RPAC will be open in 2019. This is a significant project for us because the new facilities will enable girls to raise their level of performance across academic, sporting, musical and cultural pursuits.

We know technology is changing the workforce. Many jobs, including prestigious white collar jobs, are being automated. Research tells us that the jobs of the future will be the ones that robots can’t yet do, jobs that require creativity, innovation, problem solving, persuasion and collaboration.  We want to build a facility that supports the teaching and learning that develops the intellectual capacity, creative capacity and character strengths for success.

We also want to build a facility that offers a third place, and I am thinking in particular of the new Research Centre. We want it to be a welcoming place where girls can meet, study, have dinner and relax. A place that will open early and close late, and facilitate broad, creative interaction. We want it to be the third place between school time and home time.

The RPAC is an ambitious project, but we need it. Our current theatre is too small and too limited to do justice to our girls’ many talents. Our current pool is too small, too shallow and outdoors, again limiting what the girls can achieve. Our current research centre is functional, but lacks the technology for truly global learning and networking, and lacks the ambiance to create a social hub. The RPAC will transform our current facilities.

We need to build carefully and well, because these facilities will have to serve us for many years in a quickly changing world.  So we want to get it right, not only for our girls, but for generations of girls to come. We are investing significant resources in it so we can future proof it.

Our vision is that all our girls grow into accomplished, competent and autonomous young women who face the future with confidence and optimism. We want them to have the opportunity to develop their unique gifts and talents to the very highest levels. And we want them to have a network of rich relationships personally and globally to enrich their lives in the good times and support them in the bad. We are building the RPAC to underpin that vision.
Dr Julie Townsend


Latest news and progress report

RPAC progress report

29 May 2018

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has advised that they have now approved our plan


16 March 2018

Minutes of the 8th meeting of the CCC held on 7 February 2018


16 March 2018

Minutes of the 7th meeting of the CCC held on 29 November 2017

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09 February 2018

Term 1, 2018 update.

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07 February 2018

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