Year 9 elective history
04 June 2021

Year 9 visit to the Sydney Jewish Museum

​​On Wednesday 19 May, Year 9 elective History students visited the Sydney Jewish Museum, as part of our exploration into genocide and the Holocaust. We began our tour in groups with knowledgeable guides, taking us around the museum, looking at recovered artefacts, and learning about more specific aspects of the war. After our tour, we came together to take a more in-depth look at the Holocaust and history of the Jewish people. Dr Rebecca Kummerfield educated us on the ten stages of genocide as well as how we know about life in the Holocaust. We learnt​ how photos and propaganda had been modified and specifically chosen to represent different moments in history. To complete our visit, we had a talk with Holocaust survivor, Peter Reisman. Peter shared his personal story as a young boy in Hungary hiding in a bunker with his mother, while his father was sent to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Eventually after liberation, the family found each other again before the Soviet Union's occupation of Hungary. During the occupation Peter walked to Austria and with the help of the Red Cross then emigrated to Australia with his family. This excursion was a a very valuable experience that allowed us a deeper look into the history of the Jewish people and the Holocaust.

Holly B Year 9