Year 8 use computers to dissect a rat
15 November 2019

Year 8 learns about biological systems

​Year 8 has been learning about biological systems in science and how they function together in the body. In particular we looked at the digestive, circulatory, excretory, musculoskeletal and respiratory systems. The girls saw how these systems interact by observing the dissection of a rat.

Here are some comments from the students about this experience:

"I found the real rat dissection so cool as you got to see an actual digestive system and how it actually works, rather than just seeing a photo. I learned how to label the body systems better and get a deeper understanding of the body".  Millie

"I found the real rat dissection interesting but kind of disgusting. I learned that rats have tiny little organs which are similar to humans, but much smaller". Charlotte

Students were also offered an alternative activity which involved the use of iPads to perform a virtual rat dissection. This allowed the girls to make use of an app to view organs in 3D, without having to see a real specimen. For some students this was a wonderful alternative and the feedback was extremely positive.

"I found the iPad rat dissection very interesting and easy to use. The instructions were straight forward and you could easily find the organs. I liked how there was a lot of information on each organ, which made me understand their functions". Alana

"I found the rat dissection fun and a good alternative to a real rat dissection. The iPad was also good as it allowed you to view the organs from every angle and read about the role of the organ". Ashana

Ms Sarah Chapman

Acting HOD Science