Year 8 class skypes with a farmer
15 November 2019

Year 8 geography skype with a farmer

​Year 8 geography learned about interconnections this term, with a focus on the fashion industry, specifically, how people are connected to places globally. We explored how technology, trade, production and consumption in the fashion industry all contribute to linking people to places. By focusing on cotton, we looked at the environmental, social and economic impacts of the fashion industry and, as a result, sustainability initiatives that are currently being carried out to minimise these impacts. 

Earlier this year, we studied 'Water in the World', where we learned about the drought issues our farmers are facing, and how we can manage and protect our catchments. 

We were fortunate to speak with an Australian farmer, Adam Harris, this week about both these topics. Adam helps run a cotton, wheat and cattle farm in Hay, NSW, and connected to us via Skype. We spoke to Adam about the drought and how it has affected his farm and the type of technology he uses to maintain the crops. Adam enlightened us about a typical day on a farm and what happens with the cotton crops once they are harvested. Adam helped us understand our classwork and we are very grateful for his time and knowledge. 

Emma, Sarah and Elena
Year 8