BrainStorm Production at St Catherine's
04 June 2021

Mental health and cyber safety performance for Year 7

‚ÄčLast week Year 7 had the opportunity to watch a phenomenal performance by Brainstorm Productions. The show ''Cyberia" is based on the effect technology has on our everyday lives and what to do if you are ever in a difficult situation online.

"This performance showcases the lives of two teenage siblings, Ruby and Tim, and how the internet impacts their lives. The distress that cyber bullying can cause was clearly outlined and it was clear on how the damage can be traumatic to many people. Cyber bullying usually starts when something is said on the internet which then begins to circulate when other people's opinions are announced.

Technology can be useful but conversely‚Äč it can also cause problems that you cannot always get out of easily. This show displayed the issues that can be caused by just one click of a button. The show affirmed how the internet leaves a digital footprint that is never lost. Staying safe on the internet is crucial because people do not always say the truth about who they are, which is what this performance clearly displayed." Asimina C 

"On Wednesday 26 May 2021 for STC time, Year 7 went to the theatre to see a performance by Brainstorm Productions called 'Cyberia'. It was about mental health and troubles you might face online. The story focuses on two siblings, Ruby and Tim. During the performance we see them both face problems that they had got themselves into or have got the other into. Ruby tries to help herself while Tim does not straight away but in the end they have both sorted out their problems." Lauren S

Ms Sarah Chapman

Year 7 Mentor

(Photo credit: Brainstorm Productions website)