Students learning science at the beach
18 June 2021

Year 3 science unit 'Earth's changing surface'

Year 3 went on an excursion to Fisherman's Beach at Long Reef Headland for their Science unit 'Earth's changing surface'. The girls were very excited to see up close the changes that weathering and erosion has caused in real life. Throughout the day the girls participated in many different activities. They learnt how coastal erosion has changed the coastline over time. The students created small beaches in boxes to demonstrate the damaging effects of erosion and investigated ways to prevent them. Overall, it was a fun-filled day where the students could see and participate in many hands-on activities to appreciate how science explains the world around them.

“I found the excursion fun! I learnt about weathering and erosion and I enjoyed looking at the different layers of the golf club." – Sophie H 

“It was fun. I learnt lots of new stuff and I liked making the beaches. I saw lots of new fossils and learnt lots more about erosion." – Sophie F 

“It was very fun making the beaches in the tubs to see how erosion works. It was interesting to learn about what happens when a storm comes to Collaroy Beach." Matilda B

Ms Gloria Seo and Mrs Sally Mann

Year 3 class teachers

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