Kate Forsyth and student speaking at the literary lunch
30 August 2019

Want some superpowers? We can help!

​Reading gives you superpowers! Here are a few to think about.

Creativity Fiction allows for uncertainty (where creativity thrives!) A study published in Creativity Research Journal discovered that fiction readers had less need for 'cognitive closure'.
Relationships Books are a 'reality simulator'. Life is complicated. When reading fiction we can explore ideas of change, complex emotions and the unknown.
Empathy Imagining creates understanding. To put yourself in the shoes of others and grow your capacity for empathy, you can hardly do better than reading fiction.
Sleep Regular readers sleep better!
Less stress Reading for as little as six minutes can reduce stress by 60 per cent, lower heart rate, ease muscle tension and alter your state of mind.
Memory Readers have less mental decline in later life.
More words Fiction reading builds language and vocabulary. Who doesn't like to show off with a big word or two!
Perspective Reading opens your mind to other points of view and other ways of being in the world.
Pleasure Reading makes you happier.

We celebrated the joy of reading this week in the research centre with our annual Literary Lunch. Our visiting author this year has been the magnificent Kate Forsyth. Kate has written over 44 books and her books have been sold all over the world. She has a doctorate in fairy tales and is a most engaging and warm speaker. Kate spoke of the power of words and how important it is to choose them carefully.
Our Year 12 English Extension 2 candidates read from their major works, one fiction, one criticism and both students received warm praise from Kate who acknowledged they had indeed chosen their words carefully.
We had 'Battle of the superpowers' games, a teacher vs student Superhero quiz and a lot of fun guessing St Cath's teachers' superpowers. They have many!

Ms Nicky Schey
Head of Research Centre 

Source: Seiter, Courtney. The Surprising Power of Reading Fiction: 9 Ways it Makes Us Happier and More Creative. Retrieved August 28, 2019