100 St Cath's girls volunteer for Red Shield Appeal
04 June 2021

$21,000 raised for Red Shield Appeal

The Salvation Army has a variety of programs and services they provide to Australians. The focus of the Red Shield Appeal is to raise money to assist with homelessness and housing insecurity for families suffering from hardship as well as women and children escaping domestic violence.

This signature fundraiser took place on Sunday 30 May 2021. Just over 100 students from Years 7-12 volunteered to seek donations within the Waverley and Bronte areas. This year, the Red Shield Appeal operated with a physical and digital footprint. The students assisted in raising $21,000 across the area they were assigned to. This is an extraordinary amount and the girls should feel proud and honoured to have raised this amount of money for people in need. Every year the girls find this an extremely rewarding experience and it is such a great way for the students to volunteer their time.

'The enthusiasm and commitment of the girls is amazing!' Major Paul Moulds, Salvation Army

'My partner and I loved seeing how considerate, warm-hearted and kind people were in our community to donate to such an important cause. I have no doubt that the money we raised altogether this year will make a huge difference and help many people escape homelessness. We were very blessed to have done the Red Shield Appeal this year and I am definitely looking forward to doing it next year!' Dimitra M (Year 10)

'Red Shield Appeal was really rewarding to see how generous the community is. I've learnt that small actions can make such an impact if we all work together. I really enjoyed the conversations with locals and seeing their smiles, knowing that together we've helped others.' Alicia F (Year 10)

'I thought that the Red Shield Appeal day was fun and a really enlightening experience of how lucky we are and how many people struggle everyday and need our help.' Sophie J (Year 8)

'My favourite part about the Red Shield Appeal was when people opened their doors with smiles on their faces and didn't even need us to explain who we were and what we were doing. They knew straight away and shared their generosity and compassion with us by donating money. It was a truly heart-warming and rewarding experience.' Abbey L (Year 10)

'This opportunity was an amazing experience to think about others, and help out for the day with your peers, it was very rewarding and a nice thing to do.' Anita Jazzini (Year 8)

'I had a great time with my friends helping The Salvation Army! The Red Shield Appeal was a brilliant opportunity to help out the community! Me and my friends collected a lot of money and were proud that we helped out. It was a great feeling!' Codie R (Year 7)​

Miss Melanie Avramovski

Service Education Coordinator ​