Science teachers are making liquid nitrogen ice cream for students
23 August 2019

National Science Week 2019

​This year’s theme was based on the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and man’s first steps on the moon. To commemorate this, students participated in a range of in-class activities including augmented reality experiences and a moon themed 'escape room'. This year also brought in a new tradition: the inaugural Science Week Trivia Quiz where students competed to prove that they are smarter than their science teachers! The questions were chosen by STEM prefect, Elizabeth Cola who hosted the event along with Mr Mercer. It was a very close competition and the science teachers won by a narrow victory but decided that The Protons consisting of Year 7 students was the team that ultimately deserved the trophy.  

Throughout the week there was a space-themed scavenger hunt where students looked for clues to spell out the name of a famous female scientist (Katie Bouman).

Year 7 students had the opportunity to experiment and interact with dry ice (solid carbon dioxide at -78.5oC) in the laboratory. The results were sublime.

Students from Year 9 enjoyed an engaging talk from Dr Frank Stootman who is a retired physics professor with a particular interest in astronomy. In line with this year’s theme, Dr Stootman focused on the historic 1969 moon landing and made mention of the other Apollo missions and astronauts who have walked on the moon. His presentation also included a range of interesting facts about the moon with information about the dark side of the moon.

At assembly on Tuesday, one of our highly accomplished Old Girls, Professor Carolyn Sue gave a fascinating insight into neurogenetics and her research into both mitochondrial disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Mr Marc Vincent
Assistant Head of Science