Students at the Da Vinci Decathlon
21 May 2021

Second place at Da Vinci Decathlon

We  had 7 teams of 8 students from Year 5 to Year 11 compete in the Da Vinci Decathlon competition. The competition was an online one using zoom with students uploading their work into a drop box, in ten disciplines. There was over 180 schools competing including some from interstate. The teams were training during lunchtime and also practised during the holidays. Congratulations to all the students involved and a special mention to the teams that received awards.

Year 7

1st place: Legacy

Year 9

2nd Place: Cartography

4th Place: Science

Year 11

1st place: Cartography

1st place: Engineering

1st place: Code Breaking

2nd place: Legacy

2nd place: Creative Producers

4th place: English

The team also got a mention in three other categories.

This placed the team 2nd Place Overall – Best Result Ever for St Catherine's

Congratulations to all the students involved! 

Ms Marian Romeo

Learning Enrichment Assistant ​