Cadets marching and another image with them waving at other cadets
11 June 2021

Cadets Passing Out Parade

On Sunday 6  June the Waverley College Cadet Unit had their annual Passing Out Parade. Passing Out Parade is a formal farewell for our Year 12 cadets, and this year, we were fortunate to be able to open the ceremony to parents and friends. Spectators lined the balconies as our cadets performed brilliantly for the Reviewing Officer, Commander of 2nd Brigade, COL Glenn Taylor.

The symbolic exchanging of the flags was a momentous occasion as the flags from the Old Flag party passed to the new Flag Party Commander, WO2 Sophia V. As the first St Catherine's cadet to be appointed Flag Party Commander, Sophia represents the ongoing success of the partnership between our two schools.

The occasion allows us to recognise the significant achievements of cadets striving to achieve the tenets of the AAC over the course of the Cadet year and we are very proud to announce the winners for 2021. Five of the St Catherine cadets were presented with awards, Cadet Meg O, Corporal Sarah T, Corporal Kayla H, Warrant Officer 2 Sophia V, and Sergeant Vanessa K. ‚Äč

The cadet programme has been a great opportunity for girls at St Catherine's to develop new bonds with other girls from different year groups within the school as well as cadets from Waverley College. Cadets provides us with the skills we wouldn't necessarily learn in the classroom, the skills of teamwork when out in the field and resilience knowing when and how to deal with certain situations. In the unit we learn the importance of discipline when conducting drill and we develop skills to improve our leadership.

Corporal Kayla H, Year 10


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