Service education

The key virtues of integrity and respect underpin our service education program. Girls are encouraged to meet the needs of others before their own. Service education is integrated through various aspects of the School. It is embedded and promoted through the Academic Care program, the house system and the School community.

Service education initiatives


Taking part in service is vital to a St Catherine's education. Service education gives girls an opportunity to demonstrate compassion, kindness and generosity. The School understands the experiences strengthen the School and the broader community and encourages the girls to help others, beyond their school life.

Students and staff support local, national and international organisations through awareness programs, donations of goods and money and volunteer work. While the girls are serving others they get a powerful education about the world, the voice they have in it, and the power they have to shape it. St Catherine's girls have been involved in the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal, Legacy, the Bread of Life homeless shelter, 40 Hour Famine, SMILE Foundation, Barnados and other charities.

The girls undertake service education on their own or in groups. They are encouraged to fundraise, carry out volunteer work, and promote awareness for charity and aid organisations. They may become Red Cross blood donation ambassadors, take part in the 40-hour famine to raise money for charities to tackle poverty, regularly volunteer serving meals to the homeless, or contribute to donation and fundraising drives.


"As young adults, we often forget how privileged we are". Read Stephanie Cheung's reflection about Year 10's adventure in Nepal here.

 Global service

Our students have helped Nepalese girls learn to read and write through a reciprocal relationship between Nepal's Mirataa Foundation and the School."

On behalf of the Bread of Life Blanket and Jumper Appeal 2013 I wanted to express just how thankful we are for all your donations and hard work in showing kindness to our homeless and marginalised people we have had the privilege of serving and giving these blankets to over the past months.

The response both from the Surry Hills community and the amazing connections we have with so many different churches, schools and community groups through their service at Bread of Life have made it possible for us to serve so many this winter so again thank you!"

JOSHUA COX, Bread of Life Chaplain