Academic challenge

The foundation of learning at St Catherine’s is academic challenge and our outlook extends the boundaries of a traditional classroom. The curriculum is academically rigorous and our teachers embrace the latest educational research.

What does academic challenge mean?


We set the academic bar at the optimum height for each student to ensure our girls are challenged to strive for excellence in their learning.

As we aim for the highest academic standards, St Catherine’s also fosters life-long learning and other co-curricular skills. We offer a diffe​rentiated curriculum with a focus on meeting individual student needs, plus other forms of enrichment, extension and the opportunity for acceleration.

We offer programs for gifted and talented students, we have a comprehensive academic care program, there is a rich variety of cocurricular programs, cutting edge information technology and a global focus.

St Catherine's is a learning community which means our teachers too are committed to academic challenge and excellence in their profession. They continuously develop  a repertoire of teaching strategies and strive to improve their classroom practice by taking part in career development, staff appraisal and performance management.

At St Catherine’s we work together with a shared focus on doing our best and building a culture of excellence.

Life's Challenges and Research


The challenges faced in school prepare our girls for the big challenges in life. At St Catherine’s we see academic and personal challenge as part of developing life skills and striving for fulfilment in school and beyond.

The positive learning environment at St Catherine’s is collaborative and instructive."

Ms Bernardine Knorr, Head of Teacher Excellence