Indigenous education

St Catherine’s is committed to building a nurturing environment for all students.


St Catherine's has a long history of educating young women from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities. Our first Indigenous alumnae was formed in the early 1970s and the school's first scholarships for Indigenous students were offered in the 1990s.

The school's partnership with the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF) began in 2009 and currently we have eight Indigenous scholarship students. St Catherine's works with the AIEF to offer Indigenous students access to outstanding educational opportunities with the scholarships open to those girls who wish to be boarders at the school. Along with AIEF, we are working with the GO Foundation and the Moriarty Foundation to offer the same outstanding opportunities to day students.

Our Indigenous students have a dedicated member of staff who coordinates communication between the girls and their families, the funding groups and the staff at school. We ensure the girls are settled, feel supported and are happy while living and studying at St Catherine's.

To expand the aspirations of Indigenous students, we support opportunities for travel and new experiences. Some of our students have visited remote communities in Cape York and have also travelled to Nepal as part of the school's service education program.

We encourage all girls attending St Catherine's to participate fully in school life and to look for opportunities for leadership. We have had a number of Indigenous prefects at the school who have also become role models for younger students both on campus and in their home communities. The school offers a wide range of sports and all students are encouraged to participate as this not only assists in developing a healthy lifestyle, but promotes friendships across the school.

St Catherine's takes great pride in engaging young Indigenous women in their own education. By offering scholarships to the school we hope to further develop strong relationships and collaboration with local Indigenous communities and the communities of our Indigenous alumnae.


St Catherine’s is proud to work in partnership with the Australian Indigenous Education Fund (AIEF) through which we are able to offer scholarships which cover full boarding and tuition fees.

Click here ​for further information about applying for an Indigenous Boarding Scholarship at St Catherine's. ​