Outside the Classroom

Girls can participate in a variety of sports during the year. Our Junior School is a member of the Independent Primary Sport Heads Association (IPSHA), joining 28 other independent schools to compete in carnivals and team sports. The graded competitions allow schools to compete against teams of a similar level.

Competitive team sport


Soccer, water polo, softball, netball, cricket, and tennis are offered to Years 3 to 6 as competitive team sports. Girls register on the school portal and are offered a place in a graded team. Games are played once a week in the IPSHA or local sport competition. Talented students who meet the criteria may try out for representative sport teams.

Representative sport


Athletics, swimming, diving, cross country, gymnastics and snow sports are offered as representative sport from Years 3 to 6 in Junior School. Students join squads and teams are selected from squad training sessions, school inter-house carnivals or trials such as Friday night athletics carnivals. Once team selections are made, students are offered an appropriate training program to prepare for the IPSHA carnivals. Sports staff may identify talented students to be placed into squads.

 Swimming sensation 2014

Many girls compete at state, national and international levels."