Old Girls

At St Catherine’s we celebrate our Alumni and the rich tradition and history that generations of Old Girls provide. Our Alumni including our past staff are an integral part of our School community, participating in events and contributing to School life.


Our Old Girl network is very active and as an Alumni we encourage you to:




The School runs events that regularly bring Old Girls together and back to  St Catherine's.  Preparations for year reunions are now underway. 

Reunion dates for 2018​.

For more information please contact Mrs Meagan Sharpe, Alumni Relations Coordinator on 02 8305 6221 or 

Enrolling your daughter

St Catherine’s greatly values the Old Girls' community. We are proud that families have chosen to send their daughters to St Catherine’s over generations.

The school provides a 50% discount on both the enrolment and application fee for daughters of Old Girls. To be eligible for priority entry, Old Girls are reminded to register their daughters as soon as possible, at least two years in advance.